The command provides a list of slave nodes replicating from the specified master node. The list is provided in the same format used by CLUSTER NODES (please refer to its documentation for the specification of the format). 该命令会列出指定master节点所有slave节点,格式同CLUSTER NODES(详见指定格式说明文档)

The command will fail if the specified node is not known or if it is not a master according to the node table of the node receiving the command. 当指定节点未知或者根据接收命令的节点的节点信息表指定节点不是主节点,命令执行错误。

Note that if a slave is added, moved, or removed from a given master node, and we ask CLUSTER SLAVES to a node that has not yet received the configuration update, it may show stale information. However eventually (in a matter of seconds if there are no network partitions) all the nodes will agree about the set of nodes associated with a given master. 注意:当一个slave被添加,移动或者删除时,我们在一个配置信息没有更新的群集节点上执行命令CLUSTER SLAVES获取将是脏信息。 不过最终(无网络分区的情况下大概几秒钟)所有节点都会同步指定master节点的salve节点信息。


The command returns data in the same format as CLUSTER NODES. 该命令返回结果格式同CLUSTER NODES