Forces a node to save the nodes.conf configuration on disk. Before to return the command calls fsync(2) in order to make sure the configuration is flushed on the computer disk. 强制保存配置nodes.conf至磁盘。

This command is mainly used in the event a nodes.conf node state file gets lost / deleted for some reason, and we want to generate it again from scratch. It can also be useful in case of mundane alterations of a node cluster configuration via the CLUSTER command in order to ensure the new configuration is persisted on disk, however all the commands should normally be able to auto schedule to persist the configuration on disk when it is important to do so for the correctness of the system in the event of a restart.

该命令主要用于nodes.conf节点状态文件丢失或被删除的情况下重新生成文件。当使用CLUSTER命令 对群集做日常维护时,该命令可以用于保证新生成的配置信息会被持久化到磁盘。当然,这类命令应该没定时调用 将配置信息持久化到磁盘,保证系统重启之后状态信息还是正确的。 @return

@simple-string-reply: OK or an error if the operation fails. @simple-string-reply: OK 或者发生错误时回复错误。